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Deniba International Exchange

Deniba International Exchange (DIE), started operation in 2004 with its registered office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Organization is a sole proprietor establishment owned by Mr. Abbas Mohammed Easa Ebrahim Alblooshi, a UAE National, who is also chairing as the Managing Director of the Organization. DIE started its operations with an objective to offer Foreign Currency Sale and Purchases, home remittances in local and foreign currency and the Wages Protection System (WPS).

The company has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and established itself as one of the trusted service providers in the UAE. It offers a variety of products and services to the valued customers, while assuring the quality standards are met.

The backbone of home remittance business is driven by various reputed correspondent banks and agents in worldwide locations with the most advanced technology tool. Deniba Int’l Exchange has a massive tie up with Banks & Financial Institutions who are the leaders in their specific regions. Continuous efforts are put towards making tie-ups with more banks and financial establishments in order to expand our reach and provide excellent service to the customers.

DIE offers the numerous advantages of availing money exchange under one roof. Rates are offered to suit the requirements. We have a clear combination of business strategy and workforce strategy to encounter the real challenges confronting us in the competitive world.

All this is backed up by a very strong IT and E-Banking set up. DIE has its own IT Department and E-Banking department which is taking care of the whole technological operational setup of the company. All the offices and branches of the organization are connected through a highly advanced network with extremely advanced servers located in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah office.

Our top management team which includes The General Manager, having more than 25 years of operational experience in U.A.E is in our team and our Finance Department is headed by very experienced and qualified personal. The Head of compliance with a vast U.A. E experience is also an asset to the company. To add on all Head of departments which comprises of the management team are all highly experienced and qualified. Prospering under the dedicated and highly experienced team, the management is fortunate to be under the guidance lead by Mr. Abbas Mohammad Easa Ebrahim Alblooshi, the company is moving towards its vision, crossing milestone after milestone.

Mission . Vision . Values

Deniba Int’l Exchange is one of the leading exchange company in the financial sector of UAE


We will be a Customer centric and trustworthy company. Being a financial institution, we would like to achieve our vision with commitment, passion and through constant innovation. Our ultimate goal is to extend excellent customer services at reasonable values.


To be the leading & the most trusted money exchange service providers in the UAE while earning the respect & providing the excellent services.

Our Values

Our vision is supported by our values. These values assist us to perform the best and earn the respect of all our stakeholders.

  • Integrity and Respect
  • Excellence
  • Customer Service
  • Happiness
  • Cooperation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
CEO’s Message

What our Leaders says

Deniba Int’l Exchange started operations regarding WPS, Remittance & Foreign Currency Exchange in RAK, more than 15 years of excellence passed. Deniba Int’l Exchange is one of the leading exchange company in the financial sector of UAE as well as one of the oldest & leading names in the UAE remittance market, presided by Mr. Abbas Muhammad Easa Ebrahim, Chairman, Deniba Int’l Exchange.

Since its inception in 1998 Deniba Int’l Exchange has seen many faces of the industry and crossed many milestones and reached to a position where the company can call itself an established, well recognized and customer centric organization where the focus is on providing the best available service to the clients through the best available medium at the best available price.

Abbas Mohammed Easa

Chairman & Managing Director  | Deniba Int’l Exchange